Recent Pro Tools Updates

Pro Tools 12.8.2 - mid October 1017: game-changing solutions and enhancements to Pro Tools: Batch Rename and Scroll to Track capabilities. MIDI Input Display, Pencil Tool enhancements, Record Progress Indication, and much more. VR workflows added to Pro Tools | HD - work with 1st, 2nd and 3rd order Ambisonics to create an immersive soundtrack for your virtual reality content.

Pro Tools 12.8.1 - integrated time compression and expansion with zplane

Pro Tools 12.8 – late June 2017: Selective project sync, support for up to 10 cloud collaborators, collaborate with Pro Tools | First users. Pro Tools HD 12.8: Dolby Atmos® workflows, Avid NEXIS support, selective project sync, support for up to 10 cloud collaborators, collaborate with Pro Tools | First users

Pro Tools 12.7 – late December 2016: Soundbase browser for loops, samples, and sound effects; 2 GB loop library from Loopmasters; Project Revisions and History

Pro Tools 12.6 – late September 2016: Layered clip editing enhancements, Clip Effects playback (and edit for HD), playlist and fade shape shortcuts

Pro Tools 12.5 – late March 2016Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools and cloud services

Pro Tools 12.4 – late December 2015: Track Freeze

Pro Tools 12.3 – early November 2015: Track Commit and Track Bounce workflows, Clip Transparency while editing or moving clips or fades, batch fade enhancements and shortcuts, AudioSuite Pitch II 

Pro Tools 12.2 – early September 2015: VCA Masters, Disk Cache, Advanced Metering, Gain Reduction Metering, Avid Access Plan options including new Plug-in Bundle. 

Pro Tools 12.1 – late June 2015: Increased track count (128 Audio, 512 Instrument), Track Input Monitoring, AFL/PFL Solo Modes, Copy to Send, Pro Tools | Control support, support for Pro Tools | S3 VCA Spill, and stability improvements. 

Pro Tools | Control iOS App FREE 
Multi-touch EUCON app that offers and Mixer view, Tracks view, Soft Keys and Layout/Track Types Controls. Supports Pro Tools 12.1 or higher, Pro Tools 11.3.2, Cubase 8, Nuendo 6.5, Logic Pro X, Media Composer 8, Artist Mix and S3Pro

Pro Tools 12.0 – late March 2015:
Improved I/O Setups and Monitoring/Auto Down-mixing, unlimited busses, in-app plug-in purchases and rentals, stability improvements.