Recent Pro Tools Updates

Pro Tools 2019.10 - October 2019: 
  • Work with up to 4K UHD video, H.264 media, and frame rates up to 120 fps with new Avid Video Engine 
  • Simplify Dolby Atmos “in the box” mixing (Pro Tools | Ultimate only)
  • Deliver multiple mixes in a single file (Pro Tools | Ultimate only)
Pro Tools 2019.6 - June 2019: 
  • Provides interface support for MTRX DigiLink I/O Card
  • HEAT software option can now be used with both Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate
  • Bug Fixes

Pro Tools 2019.5 - May 2019: 
  • "Mojave" compatibility up to macOS 10.14.4 
  • Continuous Playback
  • Up to 1024 MIDI Tracks (from 512)
  • New “Name” field in the New Track dialog
  • New Multiseat license options
  • Voice count increase from 256 to 384 (Pro Tools Ultimate native only)

Pro Tools 2018.12 - December 2018: 
  • High Sierra compatibility up to macOS 10.13.6 
  • Bug Fixes

Pro Tools 2018.10 - October 2018: 
  • Bug fixes

Pro Tools 2018.7 - July 2018: 

Playlist Navigation Enhancements
  • Pro Tools provides new playlist navigation keyboard shortcuts for both full-sized keyboards and laptops.
  • Enable/Disable Target Playlist Undoable
  • Enabling or Disabling the Target Playlist is an undoable action that appears in the Undo History.
Menu Updates
  • Menu Selection Improvements
  • Selecting Multiple Items in a Menu
  • Pro Tools lets you select multiple items in menus using the Command key (Mac) or the Control key (Windows).
  • Checkbox Pop-up Menus
  • Pro Tools provides checkbox menus that let you select (and deselect) multiple items without the menu closing.
  • Search Popover for Insert, Send Path, and Track Input and Output Path Selectors
  • This lets you quickly search and select the desired plug-in or audio signal path.
Editing Improvements
  • Relative Grid Editing Enhancements for Notes and Selections
  • With Relative Grid mode enabled, any offset between the nearest Grid line and the Edit selection start is retained when cutting or copy- ing, and then pasting clips and MIDI notes.
  • Edit Selection Improvements
  • The Edit menu now includes certain commands that were previously only available using keyboard shortcuts. Commands related to the Edit selection are organized in the Selection submenu.
  • Duplicate and Extend Selection Command
  • Pro Tools lets you duplicate the Edit selection (including all track data in the selection), keep the selection start, and extend the selection to the end of the duplicate. This facilitates working with audio loops and repeating MIDI content.
Pro Tools 2018.4  - April 2018: 
  • Pro Tools | HD software is now Pro Tools | Ultimate software
  • Pro Tools | Ultimate includes MachineControl with no extra license required
Pro Tools 2018.3 - March 2018: 
  • Bugfixing
Pro Tools 2018.1 - January 2018: 
  • Build Sessions on the Fly with Track Presets
  • Capture Performances Retroactively
  • Take Deeper Control of your MIDI
  • Comp Together the Best Takes
  • Get a Better View of your Mix
  • Start Collaborating More Easily
Pro Tools 12.8.3 - mid December 2017: 
  • Bug fixing
Pro Tools 12.8.2 - mid October 2017: 
  • Game-changing solutions and enhancements to Pro Tools: Batch Rename and Scroll to Track capabilities. 
  • MIDI Input Display
  • Pencil Tool enhancements
  • Record Progress Indication, and much more.
  • VR workflows added to Pro Tools | HD - work with 1st, 2nd and 3rd order Ambisonics to create an immersive soundtrack for your virtual reality content.
Pro Tools 12.8.1  - late August 2017: 
  • Integrated time compression and expansion with zplane
Pro Tools 12.8 – late June 2017:
  • Selective project sync, support for up to 10 cloud collaborators, collaborate with Pro Tools | First users. 
  • Pro Tools HD 12.8: Dolby Atmos® workflows, Avid NEXIS support, selective project sync, support for up to 10 cloud collaborators, collaborate with Pro Tools | First users
Pro Tools 12.7 – late December 2016: 
  • Soundbase browser for loops, samples, and sound effects
  • 2 GB loop library from Loopmasters
  • Project Revisions and History
Pro Tools 12.6 – late September 2016: 
  • Layered clip editing enhancements
  • Clip Effects playback (and edit for HD)
  • Playlist and fade shape shortcuts
Pro Tools 12.5 – late March 2016: 
  • Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools and cloud services
Pro Tools 12.4 – late December 2015: 
  • Track Freeze
Pro Tools 12.3 – early November 2015: 
  • Track Commit and Track Bounce workflows
  • Clip Transparency while editing or moving clips or fades
  • Batch fade enhancements and shortcuts
  • AudioSuite Pitch II 
Pro Tools 12.2 – early September 2015: 
  • VCA Masters
  • Disk Cache
  • Advanced Metering
  • Gain Reduction Metering
  • Avid Access Plan options including new Plug-in Bundle. 
Pro Tools 12.1 – late June 2015: 
  • Increased track count (128 Audio, 512 Instrument)
  • Track Input Monitoring
  • AFL/PFL Solo Modes
  • Copy to Send
  • Pro Tools | Control support
  • Support for Pro Tools | S3 VCA Spill
  • and stability improvements
Pro Tools | Control iOS App
  • Multi-touch EUCON app that offers and Mixer view, Tracks view, Soft Keys and Layout/Track Types Controls. Supports Pro Tools 12.1 or higher, Pro Tools 11.3.2, Cubase 8, Nuendo 6.5, Logic Pro X, Media Composer 8, Artist Mix and S3
Pro Tools 12.0 – late March 2015:
  • Improved I/O Setups and Monitoring/Auto Down-mixing
  • Unlimited busses
  • In-app plug-in purchases and rentals
  • Stability improvements.